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Springing into Friendship

Springing into Friendship

As an adult, life is hard. Work is tough, going out often seems tiresome, and making new and meaningful relationships with others can feel overwhelming. Let’s face it, making new friends as an adult can be tricky, but, here in Charlotte, new friends may be easier to make than you think.

Social media groups, for starters, are an amazing way to network and connect with new and like-minded people. Charlotte’s work/life counselor Claudia Ramos co-founded a Facebook group meant to bring Hispanic hikers to North Carolina trails.


“I was excited to meet with a friend who wanted to do a hike for Hispanic Heritage Month and in the process, I was preparing for a bigger hike in Guatemala,” said Ramos. Through a group called “Latinos Adventureros en las Carolinas,” which translates to “Latinos Adventurers in the Carolinas,” Ramos has met dozens of people from all over the state. Ramos credits her group for allowing her to connect with others while participating in an activity she loves.

But what are the benefits of these sorts of groups?

“The ability to come together in community,
the camaraderie, and the ability to enjoy adventures in nature,” said Ramos regarding her group.

When it comes to social media groups, the possibilities are endless and their uses vary. Connecting with people online can take the stress out of traditional friend-making.

Interested but do not know where to start? Charlotte PinC has found some options to connect you with new friends and community


We know, the word “Bumble” in the social media world is tied to a dating site but Bumble BFF ( is actually an extension that allows you to meet friends instead of dates.

Simply make a free account and get ready to connect with those who share the same interests as you.

It is similar to a dating app when creating your profile, you will have to provide pictures and create an eye-catching bio. The app has many positive reviews of people enjoying their time with their newfound connections.


This is a private Facebook group to help women budget while, as stated in their about page, “finding efficient ways to still live it up in Charlotte.” The group offers couponing, traveling and lifestyle hacks, all to help you save money.

To join, search the group and request to join, and in about a few days, if not within hours, an admin from the group will allow you access to the group.


This is another app, but for women (
The app allows you to meet up with other women wherever in the world. It is said to inspire women to get offline and meet other women.

When you download the app, it will ask you to answer a few questions to build your profile. Once your profile is finished, you will be connected with women around your location. You can chat, make plans and much more.

Not only does the app connect you to other women but it allows you to attend local gatherings, and it’s all available at your fingertips.


This Charlotte based social group hosts events for
Black women looking for friendship and networking oppertunities around the city. The group hosts frequent events, some of them free, at restaurants, parks, yoga studios, and more.

To join, visit their website or follow them on Instagram (@blkprnt.clt) to stay connected

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