Going with Alexis' Flow

Photography: Corine Olarte

Through yoga, dance, and a technique called “Reiki,” a form of energy healing often used as alternative medicine, Alexis Lynn teaches her clients the importance of self-care and mental stability.

Talking Sex with Valda Ford

Photography: Sir Will

Former nurse, HIV prevention specialist and current certified sexuality educator, Ford has become a nationally recognized expert on female sexuality

Spring is in


Photography: Porsche Nowlin

Charlotte PinC took a trip to the McGill Rose Garden  to enjoy the flowering trees and other sights.  The flowers may not have been in full bloom, but that was okay because the women of Charlotte PinC brought the color with them.

Spring Fashion Faves

Stylist extrordinaire Felicia Bittle does it again. Charlotte PinC met up with her a Midtwon Target in Charlotte and watched her create fabulous spring looks. 

Photography: Mery Ricuarte

Eating Well with Michelle

Photogrpher: Corine Olarte

Michelle Brotherton specializes in treating disordered eating and helping people find balance in their eating through non-restrictive practices.

Toni Morrison Stamp Released

A new postage stamp honoring Nobel Laureat Toni Morrison was unveiled in a tribute to her legacy hosted by Princeton University, where she taught.

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