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Charlotte's First Black Woman Engineer Venessa Roy

“If I’m being honest, there probably were people that actually did want me to fail, to prove the point that women, especially black women, can’t do this job. I’ve always been a strong-minded and hard-working person, so I tend to let my work ethic do the talking.”

Despite the push for more diversity in hiring, less than five percent of career firefighters across the country are women, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Of that small percentage, less than two percent of those women are Black. Though the statistics offer a disappointing glimpse inside Fire Stations across our country, Engineer Venessa Roy is creating a new reality for herself, and women alike.

U.S. Mint Issues Bessie Smith Coin

On February 18, 2023, the U.S. Mint released the Bessie Colman quarter. The release was a part of the Black History Month collection.

Toni Morrison Stamp Released

A new postage stamp honoring Nobel Laureat Toni Morrison was unveiled in a tribute to her legacy hosted by Princeton University, where she taught.

Vision Brunch 2023

Charlotte PinC started off 2023 with Vision Brunch. Over 50 women gathered to eat, drink mimosas, clip pictures, share stores and just fellowship. Be on the lookout for our follow up event where we will check in to see where everyone is on their 2023 journey.

Black Culture Trivia Night

Who was the first African American person to receive a PH.D from Harvard? Who was the first Black person to have a video paly on MTV? How mant HBCU’s are there? If you could answer these question you were ready for Black Culture TriaNight! A night of fun and history with Charlote PinC

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