Spring is in Bloom

Spring is in Bloom

Photos by Porsche Knowlin

Spring is finally here allowing us to shake off the winter blues.  Longer and warmer days inspire us to get outside.   Charlotte PinC took a trip to the McGill Rose Garden  to enjoy the flowering trees and other sites.  The flowers may not have been in full bloom, but that okay as the women of Charlotte PinC brought the color with them.  Denise Byers of Denise Bryers Personal Training and Fitness was truly channeling her inner goddess in her marigold dress. Periwinkle was the color of the day for Kristina Peck of KP Business Marketing  College student Ziyonna Brown brought to mind the elegance of the rose in her pale pink dress.  Our own Editor-in-Chief, Paige Leary, brought an abundance of light and color to the Gardens in her spring inspired multi-hued dress.   

The next time you wish to commune with nature or experience the beauty and colorfulness of spring head on out to the McGill Rose Garden.  You just might find the ladies of Charlotte PinC there enjoying the coffee house and a sweet treat.

Charlotte Pinc

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