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Food is a big source of our well-being, but between societal norms and a general lack of understanding of nutrition, many go their whole lives not knowing how to properly nourish themselves. As women, it is particularly important to have a healthy relationship with food. Changing hormones associated with menstruation, childbearing, menopause, body image standards, and stress can all contribute to our eating habits. With so much to navigate, you may consider hiring a licensed dietitian.

“I urge my clients to be careful of where they receive their nutrition education,” says Brotherton. “Make sure that the practitioner you’re working with is a Registered Dietitian to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date, evidence-based, and ethical advice out there when it comes to nutrition (no fad diets here)” she says.

The Michigan native is of Middle Eastern and Hispanic descent and decided to take the nutrition route when she witnessed family members suffering through chronic health con

ditions that were greatly impacted by nutrition, such as Type II Diabetes.

Nutrition can be tricky but Brotherton sat down with Charlotte PinC to give us some insight as to what a nutritionist is, and who she is.

Q. What is your background?

“I’m a registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/LDN) that works in Charlotte, NC.

Q. Who are your clients – businesses, schools, individuals?

“My clients range from adolescents to adults, with my primary clients being young adults. many clients seek us out on their own if they have been struggling with their eating habits.”

Q. Can you give us some insight into the services you provide?

“As Dietitians, we provide 1:1 nutrition counseling to help you as an individual break through barriers you may be having with your nutrition. All of the Dietitians at Enhance Nutrition Associates including myself follow a weight-neutral, Intuitive Eating approach where we focus on nutrition behaviors instead of trying to change bodies. We also offer MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy), which is used to manage health conditions, grocery store tours, and meal planning, as well as testing such as GI-Maps (a comprehensive analysis of gut health)and MRT testing (food sensitivity testing).”

Q. There are all kinds of diets, Keto, Paleolithic, Atkins, etc. What advice do you give to someone looking for the perfect diet for them? Does the perfect diet exist?

“Great question – from the evidence that I’ve seen, the perfect diet doesn’t exist. There is not one nutrition recommendation that applies to every person, because many things influence what is appropriate for us (health history, medications, food preferences, food accessibility, budget, genetics, activity level, goals, and more).

Q. What kind of person should see a Dietitian?

“Everyone and anyone are appropriate to see a Dietitian. Even Dietitians see other Dietitians! If you’re struggling with food in any way – let professionals do the hard work for you in assessing your diet and giving evidence-based recommendations.”

Q. What about your job do you find rewarding?

“The biggest reward I get from my job is when my clients don’t need me anymore because they feel so empowered and confident in their nutrition behaviors. I love when my clients can start to eat without anxiety, understand balance, and feel the difference in their bodies when they are adequately nourished.”

Q. What do you want people to know about you?

“I want your readers to know that Dietitians in general are not the food police, we aren’t here to judge you. Especially the Dietitians at our practice – we are here to empower you to feel confident in your eating, and we want to take the anxiety out of nutrition to allow you to live your best life, physically and mentally.”

If you are struggling with your relationship with food, are looking to better understand your relationships with food or dieting, or are in need of nutritional guidance, consider reaching out to Michelle with 1:1 counseling sessions. Find her contact information below.

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