Upping Our Self-Care Routine with Kika Stretch Studios

Unbend and unwind with us.

Right in the heart of Southend, there’s a small and cozy studio space composed of 3 large rooms, relaxing r&b music, and a knowledgable and supportive staff team. Kika Wise founded Kika Stretch Studios in 2011 and it is now one of the nation’s leading stretch and fitness studios. Wise used her experience as a former professional dancer and combined it with her learnings as a wellness educator to create an immersive, full-body stretch experience that even those with little exercise experience can partake in. Kika Stretch Studios uses the Kika method, a combination of passive, static, and dynamic, assisted stretches spanning over a 45-minute or hour-long session, led by a stretch therapist. A really unique experience, consider adding Kika Stretch Studios to your next self-care adventure.

Before being paired with a stretch therapist, you’ll first go through a short intake process that includes questions regarding your workout history, health goals, and where in the body you store the most tension. Your stretch therapist works hard to truly understand your body’s needs and create a stretch regime around them. I personally see the most tension in my lower back and have a hard time accessing and treating that part of my body on my own. Because of this, my stretch therapist Trevor and I spend a lot of time deep stretching my lower back so that I am finally releasing all of its stored tightness. I have a ways to go before reaching my goal of touching my toes without help, but as Trevor kindly reminds me, progress takes time.

The experience at Kika Stretch Studios Southend is not complete without complementing the vibe that this space has. If you aren’t one to frequent the gym, entering fitness spaces can be intimidating; but never is that the case here. Clients are taken into small, private spaces where chill music and diffusers with eucalyptus oil fill the air. The pair soothe the mind while the stretch therapist works to help loosen your body.

Charlotte is lucky to have a space like Kika Stretch available in our city. CEO Kika Wise is a black woman who grew up in New Jersey, and who’s spearheading a rapidly growing franchise that creates a safe place for Women, Black people, plus-sized people, and other marginalized communities. During each of my visits, Kika Stretch Southend consisted of a predominantly African American staff. The clientele however is made up of all races, indicating Charlotte has and will always support Black-owned businesses. Clientele patronizing Kika Stretch studios come in all shapes and sizes too, and as a plus-sized client myself, I’m happy to know that my size was a nonfactor and that the Kika Method was made with my body type in mind.

After each session, I leave feeling rejuvenated and loose, and my results last for days thereafter. I’d recommend Kika Stretch studio for everyone to try at least once, and lucky for us they offer a free demonstration session. When visiting, please remember to wear a mask, and be advised that you’ll need to have or purchase special gripping socks ($10). When you walk out feeling lighter on your feet and in a better mood, don’t forget who sent you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charlotte Pinc

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